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How to use Back Button Apk for Android

On an android phone normally there are 3 buttons present on the bottom side of any of the traditional Android Smartphones in the market. Normally these three buttons will be present on the bottom side of the phone or they will be displayed as an icon in some of the smartphones. Some icons will be floating on the screen or some are the actual physical buttons which need to be touched in order work properly. These buttons are known as Back Button, Recent Apps, and Home button. Suppose if your home button or back button or Recent Apps button has stopped working to overcome this type of problems developer has launched these cool apps which can resolve all your headache just by installing these apps on your phone where one of the most popular App is known as Back Button Apps.
Back button app is one of the common app which is used for simulated buttons this Back Button Apk is the most popular application on the google play store for simulating all the buttons of your android phone as floating Icons. So suppose if your back button has stopped working there is no need for you to repair your phone and waste your money all you gotta do is just install Back Button Apk on Android or iPhone and you will have the gesture icon or a bright looking circle shape floating icon on your home screen and when you click on the gesture it will display all the three buttons called as Home, Recent , Back button just above the actual physical button or you can even change the settings if you want the floating icon instead of all the three buttons on the bottom you can change the settings and have the circle shape single gesture which works when you click on it displays all the three buttons and you can navigate anywhere and it will be floating on the screen though you can disable this feature and set normal button anytime from the Back Button Apk settings.

Simulate The Buttons
– You can Simulate the systems Home button, Back button, and Recent Apps buttons into a circle floating icon or like the normal button icons just above the actual physical buttons.
Swipe Up To Display
-You can swipe up from the bottom side in order to see the buttons on the screen.
Gesture Floating Icon
-Button back Apk is also known as Back Button Gesture Launcher Apk because it displays a gesture which can have the gesture icon which will be floating everywhere on your screen and you can navigate anywhere without even touching the bottom side of your phone.
Drag and Pin
-You can even drag and pin the gesture where every you want on the phone screen and you can even disable it.
Customization in Buttons
-You can apply custom themes and change the color of these buttons as these are a just virtual button floating on the screen which can be modified according to your own likes and requirements.
Independent Buttons
-You can even use the single button independently from the other button suppose if your back button is not working so there is no need to setup all the three button you can just keep gestures for the back button itself which is not working in your smartphone and use without setting the other buttons.

How to Install Back button on Android
(1) Go to google play store and type back button for android, the first three apps will be the official apps you can choose any one of them just make sure you check the developers name which is listed below these are some of the names which are uploaded by the trustable developers like Eztools, Og apps, Robust Programmer INC.
(2) Now click on the app and It will display the number of downloads, reviews, and details with an install button on the right side click on install button and it will start installing the app on your Android smartphone or an iPhone.
(3)After downloading you will see a notification stating that the app is in the install mode wait for the app to get installed properly.
(4)After the install has finished loading you will the app icon on your home screen click on the icon open navigate with the application and set up your back button.
(5)After you have successfully accessed the app you will have the interface apply the settings accordingly and activate the gesture or the floating icon on your smartphone.

How to use back button on Android
After you have the app successful installed on your smartphone now you need to set up the back button from the app settings.
Firstly you have to open the app as soon as you are going to open the app a popup will pop out stating that it needs accessibility permission just click on accessibility then back button then switch on to give permissions.
Go to > Settings > Accessibility > Back button > ON
Now your app has the permission to use the following feature. it will display all the features that you can apply for the back button as.
(1)Enable Back Button
(3)Attached to screen edge
(4)Lock position
(1) Back
(2) Home
(3)Lock Position
Orientation Settings
(1) Horizontal
(2) Vertical
Your app will look something like this so you can apply the following features according to your personal needs and activate the back home menu button on android.

Android menu button apk has come in many version some of the latest and the stable version of the Android menu button for pcs and smartphones is shown below. ( , 1.7.4 , 1.7.3, 1.8.1 , 1.8.0 , 1.9.7 , 1.9.6 , 1.9.5 , 1.9.4 , 1.9.3 , 1.9.2 , 1.9.1 ). These are latest and the oldest version available for Back Button Apk the oldest version is 1.7.3 and the latest and the most featured version is 1.9.7 which was launched on Jan 31, 2018 the new version is fast, simple, and more powerful which also has color and orientation feature so now you can align the simulated button on the home screen according to your choice.

Types Of Back Button Apps On Google Store
There are many types of back buttons apps in the market like which is also known as assistive touch with back button for Android and this assistive touch with back buttons has some more feature the best feature about this app is mainly the user interface and the gesture animation when you click on the floating gesture on your home screen it opens up with a beautiful animation display your navigation button and when you click anywhere else on the screen it has a closing animation which looks really cool where assistive touch back button for iphone is also there in the market.

Google Reviews For Different Apps
(1)Back button (No Root) By OG Apps
-By David laid
This application is Amazing. Having quite recently purchased a huge mobile with a 6.8-inch screen which additionally had the back catch in the wrong place I went searching for something like this despite the fact that I didn’t know it would exist. At that point, I found this awesome App with so much usefulness. Much thanks to You. !
-By Steve Vee
Will refresh my 3 stars to 5 after a fix is given for this Much I appreciate and praise for solving this button problem with this app.
(2) Back Button By Ez Tools
-By Abhishek Rai
Useful Excellent
-By Abdulla
Wow exceptionally stunning my touch screen is issue yet now unravel this very decent application
-By Abhishek Rathore
valuable, handy, colorful just loved it.
(3) Back Button Assistive Touch By Robust Programmer Inc
-By Anonymous
This is so awesome loved it.
-By Riyaa Rai
Extremely adored it. This what I wanted. However, it includes one more choice like double-tap activity to directly jump to the home screen​. Pls, Enable three-way to utilize, Three-button in a single application just awesome.
-By Amrita Rao
Great application I Recommend others plz Download this application as it is extremely helpful if you are fed up with your phone just because your back button doesn’t work then you should download this app and you will fall in love with your phone again.

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